I'm Sławomir "Mori" Małusecki and I'm 34 years old senior Javascript (Node.js) and PHP developer / Team Lead / Technical Project Manager from Poland, currently living in London, UK, focusing mostly on bespoke Angular applications, Wordpress and Facebook powered applications (but not only that! See About me page for more!). I also lead a team and do the code review in order to successfully complete the task.

If you want to start working with me or contact me for other business reasons, you can find me at LinkedIn.

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Are you interested what project have I contributed to? Here is an incomplete list:

  • Owner:
  • Team Leader & Code review:
    • Shoop.fr - French cashback site [Angular 1.x, Angular2, NodeJS]
    • Betfair Tipping Competition [custom PHP contest website, CMS]
    • You Win Tipping Game [Facebook application]
  • Developer:
    • new William Hill sportsbook application [NodeJS]
    • various Ladbrokes in-play widgets [front-end, custom PHP/Python backend]
    • Bwinbetting [Wordpress, XML feeds parsing]
    • Manchester United bwin widget [custom PHP website, GeoIP]
    • news.Ladbrokes.co.za [Wordpress]
    • Odds On! [Wordpress]
    • The Spoiler [Wordpress]
    • SylwiaLecka.com [Wordpress]
    • Studencki Festiwal Piosenki [Wordpress]
    • Trusca Business Solutions [Wordpress]
    • Zellweger Baby Support Network [Wordpress, Facebook application]
    • Face to Face z biznesem [Facebook application]
    • SoftNet [Drupal]
    • Sondre Ringasen [Wordpress]
    • La Cristal Magique [custom PHP website]
    • Czyste Dywany [custom PHP website]
  • Co-developer:
    • Betchecker [custom PHP CMS, XML feeds parsing]
    • news.Ladbrokes.com [Wordpress]
    • betting.Ladbrokes.com [Wordpress, XML feeds parsing]
    • ComeOn [custom PHP tool]
    • Citibet [Wordpress]
    • Circular [front-end, Wordpress]
    • Lenovo For Women [Wordpress, Facebook application]
    • Union Investment [Wordpress, Facebook application]
    • LarMed [Wordpress, SEO]
    • Dunihagen [front-end, Wordpress]
    • Hello! Studio [Wordpress]
    • Axa [custom internal website, front-end]
  • Non-profit work:
    • Larpownia.pl [developer]

About me

Want to learn more about who I really am? Well, that's a complicated problem with no easy answer.

I have experienced a vast range of programming languages: while currently my main focus is on NodeJS and Javascript for websites, I have developed commercial software using PHP, Python and C# as well, and used C and C++ for non-commercial work. I am mostly working with MySQL databases, but also worked with REDIS, RIAK, MSSQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL DBs.

REST APIs are also not a new thing to me - I have worked with Facebook's API, creating applications for it, as well as some sport books APIs (like OXi). I have parsed XMLs and JSONs to provide websites with fresh data. As far as CMSs are considered, I'm mostly focused on Wordpress. For Javascript, I pick jQuery, but also worked with AngularJS. My first pick for version control system would be GIT.

I absolutely love to work on the projects that matter - big websites, visited by lots of people every day. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing a product I have helped build makes a commercial success.

Going more personal, I'm interested in many topics - from reading books (especially electronic ones; I currently use Kindle Paperwhite, but own eClicto, Kindle 3 WiFi, Kindle 4 and iPad 1 as well) through listening to music and watching movies/anime to taking photos.

I like playing RPG games with friends, squash and swimming. In my free time, I play League of Legends with my younger sister. Since I love to code, I take pride in helping non-commercial projects like Larpownia.pl.

Make sure to check my profiles here:


I am a great fan of taking photos. Sometimes I try to get the "artistic" feel (and mostly fail badly), but most of the time I just want to capture unique moments in life.

If you're organizing an event (RPG/fantasy/sci-fi/literature/manga/anime convention, LARP, etc.) at my location (London, UK) and would like me to take photos during it, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn. Who knows, this might lead to a successful cooperation between us!

Here are some of my galleries (click on the thumbnail to see the gallery):

Be sure to check my accounts on DeviantART and Panoramio as well for more photos by me!

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